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Suntuf CoolTech

Enjoying Sun without the Heat


Light Transmission
Heat Transmission

Product Features

UV Rays

Blocks 99.9% of Harmful UV Rays, protecting you and your family. It still lets through good UV so you can grow plants under your roof.

250 times stronger

Its approximately 250 times stronger than standard glass

SupaDrive Multi fixings

Easy to install especially with our SupaDrive Multi fixings
(helps pre-drill a hole and fix into the purlin in one step)

Can be curved

Can be curved along the corrugations

Available in Greca and Corrugated Profiles

Available in Greca and Corrugated Profiles (LightTech only available in Corrugated)

Sheet Lengths 7.2

Sheet lengths up to 7.2m available

Product Information

Enjoy Sun Without The Heat.

SunTuf CoolTech is a polycarbonate sheeting combining the reputation of SunTuf Polycarbonate roofing with the ability to reduce heat.

SunTuf CoolTech range dramatically reduces heat generated by the sun under your outdoor covered areas, giving you and your family hours of comfort under your SunTuf roof. Even on the hottest of days SunTuf CoolTech can reduce the heat transmission by about 55% compared to SunTuf Clear, leaving you comfortably warm without overheating.

SunTuf CoolTech is available in 2 modern colours, Ice and Grey to compliment almost any outdoor living space.

Product & Installation Information